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Let us find you ways to generate more leads, improve conversions, and increase your traffic today.

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What’s Included In Your Free 360° Traffic Audit.

Everyone who qualifies for a free traffic audit from Strikepoint Media gets an in-depth review of their ad account, with a focus on:

Account Structure and Setup Guidance

Our award-winning media buyers have ad accounts down to a science. We’ll review your ad account to see where you can optimize your existing account structure and setup so that your campaigns are organized more efficiently (and effectively) than ever before. This means identifying any auction overlap between campaigns to ensure that you’re not driving up your own bids, and simplifying your structure to test and learn more rapidly. This leads to faster launch times for each campaign, which leads to more revenue for your business!

Pixel Tracking & Reporting

Pixel tracking and reporting are the heart and soul of effective online ads. This is how we track conversions and campaign performance. It’s also how we build audiences who are most likely to respond to our campaigns. Proper pixel tracking and reporting is the key to being able to optimize and improve campaigns quickly. Our experts will help you set up a smart targeting plan to improve your results immediately!

Audience Targeting

Are you taking advantage of all your data to create the best possible audiences for your campaign? The right message to the wrong audience gets you nowhere fast. While many businesses think it’s important to cast as wide a net as possible, the truth is that it’s all about saying the right thing to the right audience at the right time. The right targeting helps you not only do exactly that, but also excludes the right people so that prospecting and remarketing don't compete with one another. Let Strikepoint show you exactly who you should be talking to in order to maximize your conversions.

Ad Creative Review

Are you using the best possible ad types that your ad platform offers? If your ads are “just okay” then you’re failing. Oftentimes our clients fall in love with an ad creative idea only to see average returns, leaving them wondering if it’s the ad, the product, or the reporting. 

Sometimes, it could be as simple as modifying your creatives to the proper ad type. Our team will take an in-depth look at your ad creatives and let you know if you’re dealing with an “ugly baby” and need to move on, or if your ad creative is on the right track.

Compliance Review

Businesses are often in such a rush to get their message out to the masses that they forget about compliance. But even those companies who do emphasize compliance can still find themselves in hot water as Facebook, Google, and other ad platforms often change their policies seemingly overnight. Fortunately, Strikepoint Media stays on top (and ahead) of all major policy changes. We’ll help you make sure your ad campaigns are compliant, and offer alternative solutions to any red flags we come across.

Full-Funnel Review

A good ad is only as strong as the funnel it’s a part of. If there’s any sort of ‘bait and switch’ between your ad and your funnel, you may find yourself bleeding ad dollars and getting your campaigns disapproved. We’ll review your entire funnel and poke holes wherever we can, to help you make your marketing stronger and more effective than ever.

We’ll give you a full report, with a clear plan of action to help you improve your traffic immediately. And it all starts with a few short questions.

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Why Would We Do This?

Because at Strikepoint Media, we believe that results rule, period. 

Strikepoint Media helps hundreds of satisfied clients grow their businesses daily for one key reason; we deliver results. This audit is our way to showcase the kind of immediate improvement and value we provide our clients. Fill out the short form below to get started today.

We run your ads for you. All hands off.

Let Us Help You Double Your Profits?

We build and manage your ads as well as your marketing funnels allowing you to focus on what you do best.

  • Facebook, Google PPC, YouTube, Display, and retargeting.

  • Quality low cost evergreen traffic.

  • Targeting the right lead.

  • Conversion Optimization.

  • Funnel Email marketing and copywriting

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    What Do Our Customers And Partners Have To Say About Strikepoint Media?

    "Strikepoint has been a total game-changer for our company. Their ability to rapidly scale and optimize media spend has allowed us to focus on our creative work in a way that was simply not feasible before. They were able to quickly understand and adapt to our process, help us innovate with their input, and deliver excellent ROI almost immediately. Hands down the best experience with a marketing partner of my career"

    Gabe Rios

    Director of Marketing Acquisitions

    "I would highly recommend Strikepoint Media. We started with a small test about a year ago with about a 10K marketing budget and have grown that to about 100K a month. They do quality work and I can’t recall if they have ever been over on our set due dates. I would give them a 9 out of 10 just because I am one of those that feel there is always room for improvement."

    Shawn Lucas

    Head Trader + Founder

    "We’ve worked with a lot of media partners over the years, but Strikepoint stands above all others. They’ve allowed me to focus on the areas of my business that I love, while allowing me sleep well at night knowing that the rest was being taken care of by a highly professional team. I can confidently say they have doubled my business in the last year working with them."

    Dillon Newman


    Who Is This For

    Authors, Coaches, Speakers, Consultants Infopreneurs, Topic Experts, SaaS/Software companies, eCommerce Marketers, or anyone selling digital information online.

  • You have a brand and a product.

  • You like to focus on content creation and your customers.

  • You're not tech savvy and marketing is not your skillset or your best and highest use.

  • You wasted money on in-house solutions.

  • You have money for your ad budget and are willing to scale with your profits.

  • You're tired of low results with launches, JV's, and SEO and you want evergreen traffic with high R.O.I. and you're willing to invest in it.

  • ...then we are right for you.

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    Meet Our Partner

    Jeremy Blossom — Co-Founder and CEO of Strikepoint Media

    They specialize in using paid media to acquire customers and leads helping companies scale faster and more profitably than ever before. Whether you need help with your media buying, ad strategy, funnel building, or web design (and everything in between), Strikepoint Media is your go-to resource for all of your digital marketing needs.

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